the spring break.

unforgettable memories.

1. a crush of abroad 2. perverted drunkens + an undeniable love 3. night strangers 4. the beach

a crush of abroad

it all started as I was walking through the beautiful isle of gift shops in this cultured town. Turning around and seeing St. Augustine written on shirts, magnets, key chains, and shot glasses. we walked into this store named “del sol” – white t-shirts everywhere. they changed color under the sun from red, blue, to orange, purple, green, etc. racks of nail polishes of a price of $10 each. I glanced at the people standing next to the registers. I made eye contact with one fine guy. his dark eyes, brown hair, and beard stood out to me. as I was making my way down the store, we would glance back and forth at each other. I picked up a shirt and put it under a black light to see how it changed from white to orange. polka-dot nail polish turned from white to yellow. the guy that intrigued me started smoking hookah. i was surprised to see that it was allowed inside the store, but just kept staring. i turned around and told my friend playfully, “bae trynna act cool around me.”


perverted drunkens + an undeniable love

eating the best fries on the planet covered with ketchup. sharing with my 2 friends beside me. 5 people in total.

‘bitch’ out of nowhere. “Who was he talking to?” “Idk, wtf?” A random drunk guy came and splurted that word in front of my friend. no respect whatsover.

— +

walking in the beautiful night with the palm trees swaying. i see the guy I called bae. he was hot as ever. next to his friend that was playing guitar. I stare him down and his friend noticed. he whispered something in his ear about me looking. he just smiled a beautiful smile. walking past them and we knew that we were being checked out from the back.

“they can look at all they want,” we stated.

night strangers 

as we stood under this pentagon thing with something covering it, we talked around. we noticed one of our friends was talking to this stranger. we later had found out that he was trying to pass that stuff around and we knew because of his exotic and crazy appearance.

the beach

sandy with all sorts of shells. I want to go back. So relaxing and a perfect place to meditate in. you can hear the seagulls as the water kisses the sand and leaves. footprints in the sand. laying under the foggish skies with the sun barely peeking in. I’m so glad my dream of “take me where the palm trees” are came true. so beautiful.